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Chelmsford Estate Planning Lawyer

In today’s complex world, it is important to understand all of your options to help protect your assets, simplify the probate process and to manage what you pass on to your heirs.

At the Law Office of Peter V. Lawlor, PC, we work closely with clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to find thoughtful and creative ways for passing on family wealth, particularly family business assets. We accomplish this through the advice of our Chelmsford estate planning attorney with more than 30 years of experience.

We pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients and ensuring that they understand all of their options. Contact our lawyer online or call 978-656-1827 , toll free at 800-585-3039, to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

Dedicated Handling of a Wide Range of Estate Planning Matters

Our attorney provides our clients with advice and services covering a broad range of estate planning matters, including:

Our society is currently in the midst of a significant transfer of wealth as the baby-boom generation ages and seeks solutions for protecting its assets and providing security for its loved ones. We have the experience and resources to deal with even the most complex issues, including primary and secondary residences, retirement assets and appreciated assets, such as stock options.

Contact Our Attorney for Wills, Trusts and Other Estate Planning Tools

For help drafting wills and trusts, or assistance with other estate planning matters, speak with us. Contact our lawyer online or call 978-656-1827 , toll free at 800-585-3039, to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your needs.